Iced Cardamom Coffee

Iced Cardamom Coffee - 威廉希尔官网Cook Republic

Happy New Year folks!What a scorcher it has been over the past few days here in Sydney.With temperatures soaring during peak summer,a much needed afternoon cup of coffee may only wake you up but not necessarily cool you down.所以我亲爱的朋友们,the iced coffee was invented.在炎热的夏天和一些炎热的夏夜,这是我最喜欢的饮料,当然还有一大串自制的香草冰淇淋!!

As much as I love a tall glass of iced coffee with a scoop of ice cream after dinner (it was a treat we really looked forward to as children and one that was reserved for very special occasions!),I am now an adult and have to be sensible William Hill黄金彩球about things like this.I also feel my palate is more refined than when I was a child and craves cleaner tastes and textures.一杯精致的冷咖啡,加上少许甜味剂和豆奶,可以很好地冷却我炎热的下午。Inspired by coffees in Southern India,I have been spiking my iced coffee with cardamom on occasion and it is truly divine.

Iced Cardamom Coffee - 威廉希尔官网Cook Republic Iced Cardamom Coffee - 威廉希尔官网Cook Republic

I love the ease and convenience of having aNespresso咖啡机制作冰咖啡时。这意味着我可以直接将热咖啡提取到我的服务杯中,并立即用冰块冷却,而不是花更多的时间,努力和器皿冲泡和冷却咖啡。The coffee itself is a beautiful thing.I have been exclusively usingNespressocoffee for William Hill黄金彩球about 5 years now and every single extraction is a revelation.完美的平衡和丰富的顶部的辉煌火葬。Something that is of utmost importance when you want a good iced coffee that has a depth of coffee flavour and not watered down by all the ice and milk.The奈斯普雷索·里斯特托大克鲁酒店必须是我最珍视和经常使用的胶囊。这是激烈的,并有微妙的水果色调,我喜欢。When these flavours pair with cardamom in an iced coffee,it feels right!!

Iced Cardamom Coffee - 威廉希尔官网Cook Republic Iced Cardamom Coffee - 威廉希尔官网Cook RepublicIced Cardamom Coffee - 威廉希尔官网Cook Republic

你最喜欢的冰咖啡口味是什么?Do you have a special twist,a special ingredient that changes the game?I would love to know,一个咖啡爱好者对另一个咖啡爱好者;so please do tell!And stay cool.x



  • Author: Sneh Roy
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 5 mins
  • 产量: 1
  • 类别: Beverage,Summer
  • Cuisine: Gluten Free,Vegan


  • 40ml Nespresso Ristretto
  • 4 ice cubes
  • ¼ teaspoon ground cardamom
  • 1 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 125ml chilled milk of choice


  1. Place ice cubes in a 350ml capacity tumbler.Pour Nespresso over the ice cubes.Sprinkle cardamom and add maple syrup.Stir gently until combined.
  2. 慢慢倒牛奶。Enjoy chilled.